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About Frank and Gmarket Chef

Frank Kwiatkowski

After years of working under Michelin Star Chefs at fine dining restaurants across Chicago, Frank Kwiatkowski decided he wanted to bring Michelin-quality food and the cooking experience directly to diners. That’s when he founded Gmarket Chef.

Frank is known for creating delicious meals but also memorable experiences, with cooking classes, event catering, corporate catering and food styling.

His passion lies in bringing a restaurant to life in a diner’s own home or at their special event to show that fine dining can be fun, approachable and affordable.

Portrait of Frank

Gmarket Chef Team

Samantha Demichael

Executive Chef

Samantha is the Executive chef and Founder of Chicago Supper Club, a true farm to table pop-up dining experience, focusing on highlighting seasonal and local ingredients. She started as a sushi chef in 2012, and later went on to teaching private classes. Sammy has been a private chef for over 8 years and works closely with local farmers to provide healthy, locally sourced meals.

Luis Perez

Bartender & Chef

Having accrued over 15 years of bartending experience, Luis is a diversely talented bartender and chef in his own right. “My favorite drink is bourbon or scotch on the rocks”. He enjoys serving people because he gets to meet and interact with different people. In addition to his mixology skills, he’s no stranger to the kitchen. He also owned a food truck where he would prepare meals beforehand and then cater to construction sites all over Illinois suburbs.

Kevin nicholson


Kevin has been showcasing his bartending skills and providing elevated drinking experiences for 7 years. He loves the creative aspect, as well as interacting with guests in a personal and more intimate setting. “My favorite drink is a Boulevardier.” Speaking of creativity, he is also the founder of the highly reviewed Highball mobile App, which allows you to collect and share drink recipe cards on your favorite social network.

Frank Kwiatkowski in action

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