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Corporate Chef Services

Gmarket Chef’s Frank Kwiatkowski can bring his unique food perspective to boost the sales of your food or non-food products and services in Chicago.

Recipe Development

Let Frank develop creative, high-end recipes to give a new taste to your existing products with secrets he’s developed in Michelin star kitchens. The perfect touch of salt can transform any sugary snack, for example.

Gmarket Chef can impress your clients and customers on social media by transforming any product into a new culinary and visual experience – all with professional styling. Let’s start talking about the possibilities.

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Trade Show Experiences

Frank can transform your product into a unique culinary experience to impress attendees at food industry trade shows.

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Culinary Transformation of Products & Services

Even if you don’t sell food items, Frank can impress your clients, associates and peers with a food experience that represents what you do. He can bring any product or service to life on the plate to create a truly memorable experience for meetings, conventions or special events.

Tell us about your business so we can start thinking about how to transform it into a new experience.

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