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How Much Is A Personal Chef? Curious? The Best Affordable Rent A Chef Chicago Services. Indulge In Chefs Luxury: Your Personal Private Chef Chicago’s Finest

Have you ever dreamt of having your own personal chef in the Chicago area? The thought of being served a decadent meal with your friends at a special get together without having to lift a finger might seem like something only reserved for the rich and famous, but the truth might just surprise you as to how easy it is to hire top chef Chicago services.

Personal Chef - Delicious Steak Meal Steak Best Way To Cook Steak Recipe

So, Can You Afford A Personal Chef?
Would It Shock You If I Told You The Answer Is “Yes”!

Experience Culinary Excellence with Gmarketchef: Chicago’s affordable rent a chef service! Explore a cuisine based transformation in the city’s heart by Lake Michigan with Gmarketchef. Immerse yourself in a world where gourmet dining meets affordability, as skilled chefs curate exceptional meals.

Rent A Chef By Request
In The Urban Metropolis
Of The Windy City In Illinois

Imagine This: you and your closest cohorts gathered at your humble abode or picturesque outdoor space, while eating organic food, sipping wine and munching on keto crackers while eagerly awaiting the main attraction. This personal chef cooks right there in your own home. Let’s not forget the plant-based, vegan, and gluten-free guests who are as picky as toddlers snubbing their veggies. Not to worry, for the personal chef has you covered. With a culinary experience worth raving about on Yelp, this mastermind will whip up a healthy and tasty feast that will make even the staunchest carnivores crave vegetables. If you’re feeling like something out of the ordinary, why not ask for an exotic pizza? It’s your day, after all. So sit back, relax, and let the personal chef create a menu that embodies your wishes and tantalizes your taste buds.

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Personal Chef - Hire A Chef To Cook For Your Date Night

When You Ask Yourself,
“How Much Is A Personal Chef Per Month, Per Year Or For A Day?”
Gmarket, The Affordable Full Service Catering Chicago Company
Cost Is Right Within Your Grasp.

Whether for an intimate gathering with a few friends or a special occasion, bid farewell to kitchen stress and welcome the allure of gourmet delight. Chicago’s top culinary talents stand ready to create unforgettable moments, guiding you on a journey where every bite narrates a story of skill and passion. Escape the chaos of meal preparation and indulge in the symphony of aromas orchestrated by Gmarketchef. Let every plate be an ode to epicurean distinction, reshaping your connection with food. Join the movement, share the revelation, and awaken your senses to the essence of truly exceptional dining.

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Picture A 5 Star Chef Caterer Who Guarantees A Dining Extravaganza Where Artistry And Taste Converge In A Masterpiece At Affordable Prices

Founded by chef Frank Kwiatkowski, the Gmarket Chef team, the personal private top chef Chicago affordable catering services, does all the work for you & will provide excellent services and a delectable experience you won’t forget. Let our top chef Chicago team plan your weekly meals or prepare a four-star dinner for your party guests. Simply give us the details, and our top chef Chicago team will bring everything needed to customize your dinner meals so you can spend more time with your family and guests.

Dinners include:

A Top Chicago Chef, Service, Plates, Flatware, Linen Napkins, Set Up, Clean Up, Breakdown & Transportation.

We also have bartenders and servers for hire, craft cocktails, and bartending packages. Bartending packages are customizable as well. And we even rent glassware.

Get A Taste Of A Customized Menu.

Take A Look At One Of Our Previously Created Menus And Let Us Know How We Can Create A Customize Menu For Your Occasion Too.

Menu Examples

Family Style Dinner

Family Style Dinner

Spring Brussel Salad
Charred Brussel Sprouts – Shaved Brussel Sprouts – Compressed Fennel – Goat Cheese Crumble – Toasted Pistachio – Roasted Strawberries

Truffle Gnocchi
Roasted Wild Mushrooms – Saffron Butter – Truffle Gnocchi – Parmesan Crumble

Argentinian Chicken
Thai Basil Basmati – Almond Romesco – Corn Salsa – Seared Zucchini

Hanger Steak
Chimichurri – Crispy Onions – Cauliflower Puree – Hatch Chili Rainbow Potatoes – Charred Broccoli

Plated Dessert

Chocolate Parfiat
Double Chocolate Brownie – Whipped Vanilla Mousse Salted Caramel – Muddled Raspberries

Hybrid Dinner Sample Menu

Small Bites

Bacon Wrapped Dates (GF)
Spicy Chorizo – Whipped Cream Cheese – Whiskey Peppercorn Bacon

Mini Shrimp Cocktail Bites (GF)
Sriracha Aioli – Lime Supreme – Corn Sable

Naan & Hummus (V)
White Bean Hummus – Olive Relish – Pickled Shallots

Family Style Dinner

Spring Kale Salad (V/GF)
Shaved Brussel Sprouts – Toasted Cashews – Fresh Strawberries – Honey Vinaigrette Goat Cheese Crumble

Hanger Steak (GF)
Charred Broccoli – Cauliflower Cream – Chimichurri – Crispy Onions

Baby Truffle Potatoes (GF/Vegan)
Smashed Rainbow Potatoes – White Truffle – Crispy Corn

Roasted Rainbow Carrots
Carrot Puree – Toasted Pistachios – Pomegranate

Parisienne Gnocchi (V)
Roasted Wild Mushrooms – Sage – Pepita Dill Pesto – Parmesan Sable


Nutella Mousse Parfait
Double Chocolate Brownie – Muddled Raspberry – Salted Caramel – Cocoa Praline

Plated Dinner Sample

Plated Dinner

Tiger Shrimp For Table
Lime Vinaigrette – Sriracha Aioli – Crispy Corn – Chive

Roasted Beet Salad
Pistachio – Whipped Goat Cheese – Rolled Prosciutto – Dill

Truffle Parisienne Gnocchi
Parsnip – Crispy Artichoke – Brown Butter – Fried Sage

Pork Belly
Gochujang Celery Root – Fried Masa – Honey Apple Gastrique

Seared Halibut
Herb Quinoa – EVOO Toasted Pepita – Braised Fennel – Citrus Butter

Butter Basted Ribeye
Potato Gruyere Gratin – Brown Butter Rainbow Carrots – Crispy Shallot – Bordelaise

Rum Chocolate Mousse Parfait
Macerated Strawberries – Double Chocolate Brownie Cocoa Praline – Whipped Vanilla – Rum Mousse

Personal Chef - Ladies Drinking Wine Images And Photos
Personal Chef - Appetizers For A Party

Catering And Private Chef Chicago Services: Spice Up Your Date Night?

 Look no further! Introducing the private chef in Chicago exclusive Love Bird Special tailored for couples in the vibrant city of Chicago. Indulge in a romantic culinary experience. Hire A Chef, the best chef catering services, to cook for your date night. Exquisite culinary bliss awaits. Experience four unforgettable courses, crafted with love to delight your palate! 

Are you and your significant other tired of the same old dinner and movie routine? Spice things up by having one of the best private chefs in Chicago whip up the Love Bird Special! Ask a chef a question about what you are looking for, and you can have a dining experience that will make you forget all about that questionable Sushi Restaurant you went to last Valentine’s Day. 

Let’s be real. Nothing reignites the flame like good food and a cozy atmosphere. Take advantage of this romantic journey that will make your taste buds sing, and your heart flutter. Trust us, you and your partner won’t be disappointed (and you’ll probably even get a few Instagram-worthy pics out of it). Book now before you end up eating leftovers in your sweatpants again.

Craft Unforgettable Moments: Why Hiring A Personal Chef For Your Intimate Outdoor Private Dinner Party Or Small Wedding Is The Ultimate Choice

As you wish to curate an unforgettable experience for your small wedding or intimate dinner party, the role of a family chef in the Chicago suburbs becomes pivotal. Imagine dining al fresco, surrounded by lush greenery and the sounds of nature, all while indulging in a culinary journey that mirrors your desires. A catering and private chef Chicago dinner party services add a touch of enchantment that extends well beyond traditional catering. With food acting as the heart of any celebration, entrusting a personal chef with the responsibility is sure to elevate your occasion. Whether in your own home or in an outdoor setting, there are things for personal chefs to consider – from sourcing the finest ingredients to accommodating dietary preferences, all contributing to a menu that embodies your vision.

Indulge In Gmarket’s Culinary Planning Team Irresistible Chicago Top Chef Signature Dishes

Brace yourself for the ultimate gourmet culinary experience straight from your own kitchen! Forget about having to wait for a table at a fancy restaurant, fine dining meals at home are now a reality thanks to passionate catering. It’s like having your own private chef, minus the kitchen disasters and the awkward small talk. With Gmarket’s culinary planning team, you’ll get to savor every bite of your meal, and indulge in the pure bliss of not having to worry about dishwashing or utensils. Trust me, the gourmet experience is about to get a lot more approachable, fun, and extremely memorable!

Get A Taste Of A Customized Menu.

Take A Look At One Of Our Previously Created Menus And Let Us Know How We Can Create A Customized Menu For Your Occasion Too.

What Is A Personal Chef?

A personal chef is your culinary muse, a maestro of savoriness who crafts a symphony of seasonings tailored exclusively for you. Imagine a virtuoso in your kitchen, orchestrating suggested menus that transcend ordinary dining. They’re not just a chef; they’re curators of food meal dreams. A personal chef conjures up pure delight out of thin air at your home dinner party, corporate, wedding or other special event transforming it into a gourmet haven where every meal is a sensation.

Here is one of the interesting facts about cooking maestros. Our cuisine experts have the best prepared meal catering service to cater to your preferences, dietary needs, and desires, ensuring each bite is harmonious with passion and precision. From party platters, to creating meal catering recipes for finger foods the sky’s the limit as to what these food preparation composers can do.  

Beyond cooking, their cooking techniques elevate your lifestyle, giving you the gift of time while indulging your senses. No restaurant can replicate the intimacy and innovation a private personal chef brings. So, if you’re ready to embrace a food journey that’s personalized, exclusive, and unforgettable, invite a personal chef into your world – because the taste is the canvas, and they’re the artist.

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